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How Do I Organize Activities On ClassTag?

Updated on September 14th, 2017 by Vlada Lotkina

The beauty of ClassTag is that you can organize virtually anything that has a date. Whether you are looking to include assignments or days off, scheduling parent teacher conferences or volunteers, all of these options are available on ClassTag. And not only parents will be able to sign up with one click or RSVP, they will also be automatically reminded according to their individual status. 

 Creating and Organizing Activities

Stay organized by creating activities to keep parents on track with everything that is going on in your class and your school.

To create an activity, Click the "+" orange circle button at the top right of your desktop screen, or tap the  orange circle on your tablet or mobile screen, and select the type of activity you wish to create.  

There are 4 activity types you can create: 

  • Events
  • Volunteer Requests
  • To-Do Items
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences 

Once you create an activity it will be visible in Activities tab.

Activities Cheat Sheet

Below you will find key activities that you might be looking to organize and the best activity type on ClassTag.

To view or save the cheat sheet, please follow this link.


Events are a great way to organize a party, inform parents about something you are doing in a class, request volunteers for different types of activities in one place, ask parents to join school or class event or even keep parents on track with assignments that you don't need students to turn in. 

  • Provide the title(1), details(2), location(3), time and duration(4) of your event in the appropriate fields.  Upload(5) any relevant photos or documents.
  • Coordinate replies by checking the 'Require RSVP' box(6) while creating a new event, so that parents let you know whether they are attending the event or not.
  • Does your event need volunteers or staff?  If so, click the Add Volunteer/Timeslot Request button(7):
  • Maybe your event requires some volunteers to be willing to provide an item, instead of time.  If so, click on the Add Item Request button(8): 
  • When you've finished entering the relevant information, click Create Event(9) to save and publish your event.
  • If you have different groups of items, please add separate item requests for them e.g., you might want to have one request for balloons, one for party hats and one for pizza. 

We also recommend adding the number of items you would want each volunteer to contribute in brackets (e.g., balloons (5 each)) requested from 5 people so that you ensure every student gets one!

Remember:  Once you specify the details and click Create Event, it is launched and live on ClassTag apps and website. Notifications to parents' emails and phones will go out only if you clicked 'Announce' in the process of creating an activity or you announced it from the little wheel next to activity name at a later time. Otherwise, the activity will be communicated to parents according to reminders schedule that you can see in the little wheel next to activity name as well.  For more information about notifications, see the article on communications.

 Volunteer Requests

Individual volunteer requests are great for simple volunteer requests such as field trip chaperones or activity leaders. You can send a volunteer request from any classroom tab you are monitoring. Click '+' sign and ask for help with a 'Volunteer Request'.

  • Provide the title(1), details(2), location(3), time and duration(4) of your event in the appropriate fields.  
  • If your event requires general volunteers, indicate how many(5).
  • Upload any relevant photos or documents(6).
  • When you're finished creating the first request, you can create additional requests, or just save this request by clicking "Create Request"

To-Do item:

To-Do's are great for requests that require parents to complete an action. For these requests, parents need to physically 'check the box' in order for this request to be marketed completed. Some common examples include: submit permission slips, medical records, reading logs, etc. 

  • Provide a name(1) for the to-do request, details(2), location(3), time and date the request is due(4), and indicate if the request is for everyone, each family, or voluntary(5).  
  • Upload any relevant photos or documents (6).
  • Once you are done creating the first request, you can create additional requests, just save this one by clicking "Create Request."

 Parent Teacher Conference

Do you need to set up a Parent Teacher Conference or office hours when parents can come and check-in with you? This functionality makes it incredibly quick and easy to set it up! 

Please review a quick video and step-by-step instructions in a separate help page here

Tracking Activities:  Now that you have created some activities, see "How Do I Track Activites on ClassTag?" for information about how ClassTag makes it easy to stay on top of the activities you have created, easily coordinating and managing the details with the intuitive and sleek ClassTag interface.

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