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How do I Assign My Classroom to a School?

Updated on August 30th, 2018 by

At the top of your class home page, you'll see the title of your class, beneath which you will see a link that reads "+ School".  

To add your class to a school, click this link.  The first thing you will be asked to do is select your school.  If your school has never been claimed before, you can claim the school and become a "ClassTag Leader." This allows you to create classes and invite school leaders and teachers to ClassTag.  If your school already has a leader, you may ask that person to search for your class by clicking 'invite existing class' from school dashboard. All they need to know is the email address you used to create your class. 

The easiest way to search is by simply entering your zip code.  Once you see your school in the list, click on 'Claim This School' and you'll be designated the leader of this school.   You can then add your class to the school. Once you claim the school, make sure you assign your existing classrooms to the school.

How to add my school if it is not listed

While we attempt to have all schools in the United States listed, we are missing some of them. Please message us right from ClassTag or reach out to to have your school added. Just provide us with the school name and the zip code and we will add it to our database right away!

Remember: ClassTag is not just for US Schools!  We have plenty of users in other English-speaking countries. We just don't have a list of schools outside of the US yet, but we can add schools to the database as we grow.

How to access my school dashboard

You can go back to your school dashboard anytime by clicking on the school name is the classroom header or by opening a left navigation menu and clicking on the school name. 

You can learn more about school functionality here.

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