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Can I Send Direct / Private Messages?

Updated on July 11th, 2017 by

Having conversations with individual parents, families or groups is very easy on ClassTag. Note that the contact information of both the sender and recipient is always private unless the user specifically selected to make it visible to families. 

Read about the release here

Starting a new conversation

When sending a new message, you can select any combination of recipients – send a private and secure message to an individual parent or to a chosen group. 

Once the new message is sent, parents who are not online or in the app at that moment, will receive an email or sms notification according to their preferred communication method, or push notification as well if they have downloaded an app and allowed push notifications from ClassTag. 

Pro Tip: If you want to have a one-way communication vs. the conversation where all parents participating in the conversation are notified about responses, you can select an Announcement option


Parents can reply directly from ClassTag website, apps or by email – all messages and replies will be conveniently stored in one inbox.

Your conversations inbox will also contain any other replies to announcements, weekly summaries and other communications from ClassTag by family.

Note: Replies by sms are not yet available on ClassTag, but we are working on implementing this functionality shortly. 


Once you have a conversation with a parent, you will see all the history of communications with that parent in one thread. 

Other ways to communicate 1-1

You also have an option to directly email parents from directory. Read about the Directory here.

You may also find when looking at the Stats page that you want to reach out to a parent to encourage more engagement and participation in the classroom.  You can easily do so from here as well by clicking on the Take Action drop down menu in the right hand column of the Stats page.  Read more about the Stats page here.

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