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How Do I Graduate / Archive My Class?

Updated on June 5th, 2017 by

Graduating your classroom on ClassTag is a great way to keep all the information and memories accessible to the members without confusing them between the old "archived" class and the active new one. 

What does it mean to graduate or archive your class?

When we reach the end of school year, it is a great idea to graduate your class and let the parents know how they can visit the archived class to view photos, videos, access directory of the members and messages and so on. 

All the information in the class would be retained including the accounts that parents have created. Once the parents are invited to join a new class, whether created by the same or different teacher, they would be able to re-use their credentials and just see an invitation for the new class once they log in again to ClassTag as well as in their emails. 

How can you graduate or archive your class?

Graduating your class is very quick and easy. Please follow the three steps below:

1. Go to "Class Settings" tab and click on "Graduate this class"

2. Select "Graduate" and confirm

Optional: Enter a message you would like to send to parents 

The next screen would prompt you to add a message / announcement that would go to parents' inboxes or simply proceed without entering a message.  Depending on other communications you have shared, it might be a good opportunity to wrap up the class a last announcement or share this link with parents about how to access the archived class. 

After clicking on "Graduate" button a popup will appear to confirm your email address to ensure that you haven't tried to graduate the class accidentally. Please enter your email address and click on "Confirm".

3. View your archived class

After confirming your email you will see the archived class with an archived icon in the top right. This is the same view that parents would see for their respective view of the classroom. 

To visit your archived classroom please go into your profile settings from the left side navigation. You can find the detailed steps here

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