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How Can I Create Weekly Newsletters?

Updated on August 30th, 2017 by

We designed The Weekly Summary (or Weekly Newsletter) with an aim to replace labor-intensive paper newsletters. An email with an overview of all upcoming activities will be sent to parents weekly. As a teacher, you can add a custom message or just sit back, knowing that ClassTag keeps parents in the loop. You can also choose the time and day when the update is sent.

How to set up weekly summary

Weekly Summary is set to send automatically whenever there are activities happening next week or you have added a custom message. 

Please note that Weekly Summary is set to send by default at 12 PM on Fridays your local time, but can be adjusted to a day and time according to your preferences. Please click 'Update' under the date / time picker after selecting a new time / date for the summary. 

Pro Tip: Parents don’t have to join ClassTag to receive the Weekly Update actively. They are included in the communication from the moment their email or phone number  is added to the Directory. Additionally, parents can modify their mail settings for all automated communications, so that they’re never overwhelmed with too many updates.

How weekly summary works

The key to benefiting from the Weekly Summary is consistently adding upcoming events to ClassTag. ClassTag can only inform the parents about the activities that are in our system! Our Weekly Summary pulls everything you have scheduled for the week ahead and delivers a clear and concise overview to parents’ inboxes. You can add a custom message if needed, or focus on other things, knowing that your parents will be kept in the loop.

Where can families find weekly summary

Parents receive weekly summary within a few minutes of the send time it is set for as an email or as an sms depending on their preferences. Email contains the weekly summary fully in the body of the email and sms contains a link to see the view weekly summary in full. 

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