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Communicating in Different Languages

Updated on July 16th, 2018 by

ClassTag now supports communications in 50+ languages starting from invitations to all the different types of communications and interactions whether on ClassTag website, apps, email, sms and print. 

This will save teachers countless hours in translation and allow families to seamlessly communicate in the language they prefer. 

Sending invitations in different languages

Now you can invite parents via email or sms as well as print invitations in the language preferred by the parents. All of these actions can be taken from Directory tab. 

Selecting a different language for parent invitation when inviting via email or sms

Selecting a different language for parent invitation when inviting via printed flyers with codes

You can learn more about inviting parents in different languages here.

Selecting a different language for communications

Users can select the language of their choice once they join ClassTag or at any point in time in their 'Account Settings'. 

Selecting a different language when joining ClassTag

When users accept the invitation to join whether in the very first invite or at a later time when they want to follow any links or sign up for anything in your communications, they will be prompted to select a language or confirm the language that was selected for them before they joined. 

Selecting a different language in 'Account Settings' 

Any user can change the language at any time in their 'Account Settings' located in the left side navigation. The changes to the language of the communications will be effective immediately once they click 'Save Changes'. 

Receiving communications in different languages 

All users who have selected or assigned a language different from English will be receiving communications in the language of their choice. This language will be reflected in the web version, apps and all other means of communications including sms, email and printed flyers. 

If you are having a conversation with someone whose language is different from English, while your language is English you will be receiving the replies via ClassTag conversations in English while the other user is writing in their language of choice and vice versa. 

Below you will find examples of translated communications. 

Translated announcements in Home tab sent in English for an Italian speaker

Translated activities and descriptions in Activities tab created in English for an Italian speaker

Translated announcement email created in English for an Italian speaker

Viewing the communications in the original language

If for some reason you would like to view the communications in the original language, you can easily do so by hovering on the translated text with one click. 

Additional languages inquiries

Should the 50+ languages not be sufficient for your community, please inquire about adding the languages at We will gladly assist you! 

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