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How Can I Organize a Parent Teacher Conference?

Updated on August 9th, 2017 by Vlada Lotkina

Parent teacher conferences are one of the most difficult events to coordinate and we are excited to give teachers and administrators a very easy and intuitive way to get them scheduled and take advantage of the smart reminding system to boost participation. 

Here is a quick video for the conferences setup

Step-by-step instructions

In order to set up your upcoming parent teacher conference, please click '+' in the top right of your screen and select 'Parent Teacher Conference' option. 

Step 1: Pick the first day of your conferences

You will be able to organize all days in a single schedule on the next page, but for now select just the first date when your conferences start

Step 2: Create your slots

Pick the time and duration for the first slot and then keep clicking 'Create Timeslot' until you have the number of slots you need on that day and any of the following days in the schedule. ClassTag will automatically remember the duration of the last slot you enter. 

You will quickly see the total number of slots you created across days vs. number of students in your class in the middle of your screen and a count of slots for each of the days. You can keep moving across the dates by clicking on them or by scrolling with a grey arrow. 

Please note: If you would like to include a location for the conference or change the name to e.g., Student Conferences or Fall Conferences, you will be able to do so on the next step as well as verify the slots. You can always select to go 'back' at the top right. 

Step 3: Announce the conference

At this step you can select 'I'm Done' which will post the conference in your Activities or click 'Announce it'.

For announcing the conference you have two options: 

A) Send announcement to parents right away 

If you have invited parents already, it you can go ahead and announce the conference. Announcing a conference will send all invited parents an email containing your message and the details of the conference itself. If you haven't invited parents yet, they will not receive the email, but will only see the conferences on the home tab when they join. In this case, we recommend sending the announcement about the conferences after parents have been invited.

Please note that you message can be very brief as the information about the event will be contained along with the announcement automatically. 

Message about the conference that parents will see in the Home tab. Here it is shown as pinned announcement:

Message about the conference that parent will see in the email. 

B) Send announcement to parents later

If you haven't invited parents yet or not ready to announce it, you can do so at any time from the Activities tab by clicking on the little wheel on the right next to the name of the event. By sending the announcement from the event itself vs. general announcement with '+', the information about the event will be automatically pulled up. 


The messages will appear in the exactly the same way as in option A described above. 

If you haven't used ClassTag before and need to invite parents to join for parent teacher conferences, you might find this article about inviting parents helpful. 

You can also assign parents to slots if you have any parents scheduled already or they don't have easy internet access. Please take a look at this help article

How to edit your conferences

If you need to add time slots or remove some that you don't need as well as change any other information, please click 'edit' from the small wheel drop-down next to your conferences in the Activities tab. 

You can also Print Schedule and see exactly who hasn't signed up for the conferences from the drop down in the little wheel. 

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