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How Do I Add And Collaborate With Other Teachers?

Updated on September 17th, 2018 by

ClassTag makes it easy to add and collaborate with other teachers no matter the scenario. There are three ways you can collaborate with other teachers on ClassTag. 

  1. Share the same class as co-teachers
  2. Share the same school as teachers in different classes
  3. Share the same school where some of the teachers don't have their own classes (e.g., specialty teachers)

Option 1: Share the same class as co-teachers

If you are teachers them same class together or sharing the same students (and parents), the option of adding other teachers as co-teachers in your class directory might be a good choice. 

Please note, that if you would like to be able to send different announcements and organize different activities for a sub-group of parents, this option would not be a good fit. Recommend to select option 2 where each teacher has his or her own class. 

Above the Class Directory pane, you'll see a list of the teachers for this class. You can click on the + inside the Circle next to Invite a Teacher and invite other teachers to your class.  You can also remove any teachers you no longer wish to associate with your class by clicking on the trashcan next to their name.  (This will not appear next to the teacher who set up the class.)

Click the plus in the circle to invite a new teacher.  Once you have invited a new teacher, their invitation will show up and you can see the status on the invite, and resend the invitation if necessary.

Option 2: Share the same school as teachers in different classes

Before you can invite other teachers to join your school, you will need to add your class to the school. You can do so from 'class settings' tab or from the header image in the 'home' tab + school. 

Once you've set up your school as the ClassTag Leader you can invite teachers and set up individual classrooms while being able to send communications across all classrooms in the school as necessary. Don't forget to share your referral link with other teachers/school leaders to earn free stuff for your classroom! Learn more about earning Rewards.

To learn more about adding your school and inviting other teachers and classrooms to join, please continue here.

Please Note! If you are the first user to claim your school, you will become a ClassTag Leader on ClassTag for your school. Once you have added other ClassTag Leaders you can resign from school leadership in your profile settings. 

Option 3: Share the same school where some of the teachers don't have their own classes

You can also add specialty teachers as ClassTag Leaders and they will be able to send announcements to all classes/grades that apply. You can do so from the school dashboard.  Read more about setting up your school on ClassTag here.

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