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How do I Customize and Manage my Account?

Updated on September 4th, 2018 by Vlada Lotkina

Your Profile 

You can customize your account in your profile settings. From your computer or phone, click on the top left to pull the left side navigation menu with your classes and you will find profile settings wheel in the top.

From your profile settings you can customize your personal information, photo, your school, class and family information. 

Upload Profile Photo

It is always great to see a personal photo. We highly recommend uploading your photo that would make all communications and interactions much more personal. You can do the same for your children from 'My Family' tab in Profile settings.

Visit Your Schools and Classes

You can view and visit all classes you are member of on ClassTag including classes that you might have graduated or archived in the past. What a great way to relive some fun memories?!

Remove Yourself from Classes

If you have transitioned to a new school or for another reason do not want to be associated with a given class on ClassTag, you can click on the little wheel icon next to each class to disconnect.  

Edit Your Family Profiles / Add Family Members

You can invite co-parents or guardians for a specific child as well as upload profile pictures for your children. 

Account Settings

You can manage your account contact information, credentials and mailing preferences from account settings. From your computer or phone, click on the top left to pull the left side navigation menu with your classes and you will find account settings button at the bottom of the list. 

Change / Add Email or Phone Number

It is very important to keep your email address and/or phone number on ClassTag updated as it is the main way you will be getting communications in addition to the ClassTag platform itself. You can change your email address and phone number at any time if it is outdated. Just type in the new information and click 'Save Changes'. 

Change Password 

You can update the password for your account from Account Settings as well. Please type the new password and click "Save Changes" in the bottom of the page. 

Change School Address

If you need to change the address of your school please contact ClassTag at Please provide the full name of your school and the correct address so we can update it for you.

Change Privacy Settings

You can uncheck "Share My Contact Information With Parents" and effective immediately your contact information will not be visible to parents in the class directory. Parents of course can do the same for their respective accounts.

Select Language Preference

You can select from the list of 55+ languages to get all communications automatically translated. You can return and modify it at any time. 

Deactivate Your Account

We are very sad to see you go, but we understand that there are instances when you might need to deactivate your account. You can do so at the bottom of your profile page. Please do send us your thoughts and feedback! We love learning from you!

Change Mail Preferences

Now you can select your preferred communication method as email or sms once you have added both to your account and verified your phone number. 

Getting too many emails or perhaps not enough information from ClassTag? You can modify that right in your mail preferences. We generally send to teachers the same emails that go out to parents, so that you know what everyone is getting. You can modify your preferences here and of course parents can adjust the settings to best fit their needs. 

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