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What Can I Do With Parent Interests?

Updated on January 17th, 2017 by

Parent Interests is a fantastic way for you to tap into the skills of your parent community and build personal relationships with parents. 

What do parents see?

Parents see interests example right on their home screen, where they can start typing and searching for the interests and skills that fit them. Each parent can have as many interests as they see fit. Parent also can dismiss the suggestion to provide this information by clicking on the 'x' in the top right and this will close the suggestion. 

Parents have an option to share their interests with other parents or only with the teacher. 

What teachers see?

Teachers can find their parents' interest profile from the Stats tab

Once you click on the 'Classroom Interests' in the top right of the Stats tab, you will be able to find all the interests that have been populated by parents to-date.  

Now you can reach out to these parents and ask them to volunteer for something they are really interested in and use this information as informal conversation starters. 

How to get more parents to fill it out?

Getting to a complete list of parent interests might take a little while as we are not prompting parents beyond the suggestion that appears on their home screen. What can you do to get them to engage?

1. Fill out your interest information and let parents know what your interests are. Parents will see it once we have profiles functionality added, but for now, you can send an announcement. 


Title: Interest Profiles on ClassTag

Announcement: ClassTag just introduced new functionality for you to add your interests and skills that is going to help me find out what you are interested in and try and find some interesting volunteering opportunities. It is also a good way to help you connect with other parents based on interests. 

2. When you have information about a few parents already, make sure you use it to involve them in some meaningful activities in your class. They are going to love knowing the information is being used and will spread the word. You can also highlight how you used parent's interests in an announcement.  


Title: Great art event today

Announcement: We had an amazing art lesson today from Julia, Sophia's mom. You can see pictures below. They speak louder than words! We learned new techniques and had Julia share how she starts her work on new pieces, how she finds inspiration for new work as an artist. Thank you, Julia! 

If you haven't already, please enter your interests and skills on ClassTag to help us find out what you are interested in and try and find some interesting volunteering opportunities. We are looking forward to sharing new and exciting experiences with you in our class!

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