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What Can ClassTag Leaders Do on ClassTag?

Updated on September 11th, 2018 by Vlada Lotkina

The ClassTag Leader role is designed for Principals and other Administrators, Technology Leads, Parent Coordinators, PTA Leaders and Teacher Leaders to help them accomplish three goals: (1) Set up and manage ClassTag usage in your school; (2) Monitor parent engagement across classrooms and (3) Share updates and school stories in one click. 

How can you become a ClassTag Leader on ClassTag?

You can claim your school leadership by either signing up and claiming your school as a ClassTag Leader or being invited to be a ClassTag Leader by other ClassTag Leader or Teachers using ClassTag. 

If you haven't signed up for a ClassTag account yet and don't know if anyone is using ClassTag in your school, please follow these steps to claim your school as a leader right from ClassTag's home page

If you know that some Teachers or ClassTag Leader are already on ClassTag, please have them invite you. 

Here are the 3 simple steps to follow to invite a ClassTag Leader:

1. Add your classroom to a school if you haven't done so already

Please go to "Class Settings" tab and click "Assign To A School". If you need additional instructions, please see here.  

2. Access school dashboard

You can go to school dashboard by opening the side menu in the top left and clicking on the school name "PS 35" in this case. 

From there choose on Directory and click "Add teacher."

3. Invite a ClassTag Leader to join

Please select +Invite Another ClassTag Leader and your ClassTag Leader will receive an invitation to join via email you provided.

How can you set up and manage ClassTag?

From school dashboard you can add new classes, edit and delete classes, invite teachers and other school leaders to join. Please find detailed instructions here

How can you monitor parent engagement?

As a ClassTag Leader, you can access any classroom on ClassTag and have the same visibility as the teachers in the classroom. Here are the three places you would want to visit to have full understanding of parent engagement:

1. Home

Here you would see all announcements, class and school stories as well as activities coming up in the next week.

2.  Activities

Here you would see all activities currently scheduled for the class and which parents are participating.

3. Stats

Here you would see the level of parent engagement "Emerging", "Strong" or "Thriving" based on the family's participation status and usage of communications that are being sent and ClassTag platform itself. 

How can you share school stories?

Right from school dashboard you can click "+" in the top right and send a beautiful announcement sharing school news, share quick update or moments from your recent school event. These announcements are going to go right into parents' inboxes and the same classroom feed on the home page parents are already used to. 

The best part is that you can select exactly which classrooms you want to send it to with a few clicks. Only 3rd grade? All school? Or only certain classrooms across grades?

Once the announcement is sent, you can visit any of the classrooms you sent the announcement to in order to view it. 

Launch Kit for Your School 

Looking to launch ClassTag in your school? This Launch Kit will set you up for success with tips and resources.


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