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How do I Create My Parent Account?

Updated on July 11th, 2017 by

There are two ways you, as a parent, may be invited to sign up for ClassTag.  You may see an email come across from your child's teacher, or your child may bring home a flyer.   

Email or SMS Invitation

If you received an email or sms invitation, click the "Join Now" link in the middle of the email and you'll be taken to the signup page for email invitations: 

Simply enter your information and click join.  You will then be ready to sign in, and start participating in your child's class.  

Printed Flyer

If you received a printed flyer, go to and start by entering the code found on your flyer. 

Enter your code, and click continue, and you'll be assigned to your child in the class.  From here  enter your email information and personal details.  You can select whether you want your email to be visible to other parents as well. 

Once you have signed up, you can view announcements, pictures and upcoming activities as well as sign up for activities, upload pictures you might want to share with the class and enter your personal interests to share with other parents and teachers.  This will help you connect with your class community.

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