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How Can I Share a Letter About ClassTag with Parents?

Updated on August 21st, 2017 by Vlada Lotkina

You can share three types of letters about ClassTag:

1. Download and Print flyers that parents can use to join your class. These are great if you are missing contact information for a lot of parents or even a few and you can just print out the ones you need and put them in respective backpacks. You can find them right in your class directory. See here.

2. Parent account overview. Once parents are invited to ClassTag (their emails or phone numbers are in the system), they receive all communications even before they join. To help parents get oriented, we suggest to send a welcome announcement with information about parent account. Please see an example below. 

3. Information flyer and ClassTag presentation for parents. You can download and distribute to parents from this help page

Sample announcement


Title: How to use ClassTag

Dear Parents,

I started to use ClassTag to help us better coordinate and communicate this year. I will be posting upcoming events, assignments, sharing pictures and important announcements. Please take a moment to sign up and explore parent account on ClassTag:

To download the apps for your phone or tablet, please use these links:



Thank you!

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