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How Do I invite a ClassTag Leader?

Updated on September 11th, 2018 by

Once you have claimed your school and have access to school dashboard, you would be able to invite school leaders to join you and resign your ClassTag leadership if you need to. 

Inviting ClassTag Leaders to a School

Click on Directory, click on " Add Teacher." You can invite as many ClassTag Leaders as you need and they will receive an email or SMS invitation. 

Resigning Your School Leadership

Once you have invited a school leader, you might consider resigning if you were holding this role temporarily. In order to do that, please open the left side navigation, go to your Profile and then My Schools & Classes. You will see the option to 'Resign' once you click on the little wheel next to school name. 


Adding Your Classroom to a School

To learn more about adding your classroom to a school, please read on.

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