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How Can I Present ClassTag to Educators?

Updated on September 17th, 2018 by Vlada Lotkina

We have prepared a few resources to make it easy for you to spead the love and knowledge at conferences, meetings with other educators and show off ClassTag power to your school leaders. Help others enjoy the amazing parent partnership with ClassTag!

If you have questions about ClassTag or have requests for a demo or swags, please reach our team at and we are here to help!

Presentation to Share with Educators

You can view and download the presentation below and customize as you see fit for your needs.

ClassTag Ready to Rock 18/19 PP

Videos to Share with Educators

Share a video demo highlighting key ClassTag features and benefits.

Share the stories from other teachers with this short video. Have a story of your own? We would love to share it as well!

Share the webinar hosted by ClassTag team and one of the ClassTag ambassadors! Lots of great ideas for parent engagement. 

Case Studies and More!

Find more videos, case studies and testimonials directly on

Launch Kit for Your School

Looking to launch ClassTag in your school? This Launch Kit has everything you need to know to get everyone onboard and excited. 

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