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How will I receive the rewards?

Updated on December 5th, 2016 by Vlada Lotkina

You have two options when it comes to receiving rewards:

  • Request a check payable to you that would be delivered to your school address in your name
  • Request a check payable to PTA or School Administrator that would be delivered to your school address with the name of PTA or School Administrator you requested

To indicate your preference, please send an email to with a subject "ClassTag Rewards".

How are the rewards calculated?

Rewards represent a percentage based on the regular purchases parents make on these websites by clicking through the stores or banners on ClassTag first before proceeding to these websites. The percentage varies by online vendor and local provider. ClassTag is managing this program on your behalf and splits rewards 50/50 with your class fund.

When will I receive rewards?

You will be receiving a check from ClassTag based on the option you select monthly to the extent that the funds accumulated are $30 or more. If accumulated amount is less than $30, you will receive a check in January.

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