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How does it affect parents' experience?

Updated on March 3rd, 2017 by Vlada Lotkina

Parents will be able to support your classroom without spending an extra penny doing their regular shopping and just adding one click to it from your class matketplace tab. 

Where will the parents see supporter's information? 

Parents will see vendors' information on the platform and in the emails. Here is where they will find the information:

  • Marketplace Tab with the link to respective online stores and banners
  • Throughout website and app if your classroom has a local supporter:
    • supporter's logo and reference to the company as a classroom supporter
    • supporters' offer that would be visible from time to time throughout the platform
  • Email would contain supporter's logo and reference to the company as a classroom supporter as well as marketplace itself

How can I introduce parents to this program?

Introducing parents to classroom supporter program is not required, but is highly recommended. It sets a good tone for the parents and classroom overall. We recommend sending a short announcement via ClassTag.

Sample announcement:


Support our class without spending an extra penny!


I am reaching out to you today to ask for your participation in an important classroom program that provides much-needed funds for special projects and supplies at absolutely no cost to you.

The program is through ClassTag Marketplace – a tab that you see once you sign in to your account. By clicking through the stores and offers from ClassTag, you will turn the regular shopping you are already doing with these well-known and trusted vendors into free rewards for our class. You have no obligation to buy, but if you are shopping anyway, by making this click, a percentage of your purchase will go directly to our classroom at no extra cost to you. There is absolutely no difference in how you shop or the prices you pay.


Thank you for supporting our class!


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