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Marketplace and Rewards Overview

Updated on March 3rd, 2017 by Vlada Lotkina

Rewards program is a program offered to classrooms actively using ClassTag to continue to enjoy the benefits of ClassTag for free plus receive an option to get rewards from a set of trusted vendors for the classroom or school. 

Is my classroom eligible?

All classrooms using ClassTag are eligible to participate across Private, Public and Charter schools. In order to receive rewards for your class or school, you need to take the following steps: 

  1. Connect all or majority of families in your class to ClassTag
  2. Add your school to your class to verify the address and school name
  3. Use ClassTag regularly (recommended at least once a week to send announcements, share pictures, organize activities)

Please send a request to to be considered for the program if interested. 

Which vendors are participating? 

ClassTag is partnering with trusted online stores that you already know such as Amazon, Walmart, Groupon and others as well as respected vendors in the local community such as afterschool activities, tutoring and other local services. 

Schools and parents can nominate vendors as well. To nominate a vendor please reach out to with appropriate information. 

At this time, we do not let classrooms choose specific vendors they would like to receive support from, but we will pay a close attention to the requests in particular if requested supporters are nominated by the school or parents themselves. 

How to receive rewards?

You have two options when it comes to receiving rewards:

  • Request a check payable to you that would be delivered to your school address in your name
  • Request a check payable to PTA or School Administrator that would be delivered to your school address with the name of PTA or School Administrator you requested

To indicate your preference, please send an email to with a subject "ClassTag Rewards". 

How can I use rewards? 

The rewards can be used for class or school needs at your discretion. Below you will find examples of what teachers are using the proceeds for, but you can determine what works best for you and your school: 

  • Project on DonorsChoose
  • Classroom supplies
  • Classroom project (e.g., donate yourself as a class for a cause you care about)
  • Classroom party or fun trip

How are the rewards calculated?

Parents will be able to support your classroom without spending an extra penny doing their regular shopping and just adding one click to it from your class matketplace tab. 

Rewards represent a percentage based on the regular purchases parents make on these websites by clicking through the stores or banners on ClassTag first before proceeding to these websites. The percentage varies by online vendor and local provider. ClassTag is managing this program on your behalf and splits rewards 50/50 with your class fund. 

When will I receive rewards?

You will be receiving a check from ClassTag based on the option you select monthly to the extent that the funds accumulated are $30 or more. If accumulated amount is less than $30, you will receive a check in January. 

Where will the parents see vendors' information? 

Parents will see vendors' information on the platform and in the emails. Here is where they will find the information:

  • Marketplace Tab with the link to respective online stores and banners
  • Throughout website and app if your classroom has a local supporter: 
  • supporter's logo and reference to the company as a classroom supporter
  • supporters' offer that would be visible from time to time throughout the platform
  • Email would contain supporter's logo and reference to the company as a classroom supporter as well as marketplace itself

How much money can I receive? 

You will receive 50% of net proceeds that ClassTag is receiving from vendors. How much money you generate depends on how actively you are sharing the opportunity with parents and using ClassTag overall to increase exposure. Teachers that have announced marketplace to the parents and actively using ClassTag have generated over $250 last year. 

While we cannot guarantee that each classroom will receive support or amount, there are a few things that contribute to higherrewards:

  • Announce Marketplace to parents. You can use this sample announcement for your reference and flyer to attach to it or send home. 
  • School-wide or multi-classroom use of ClassTag. When we see a significant number of classrooms in the same school or area, it makes it easier for us to target local vendors as a result increasing chances of your classroom receiving rewards.
  •  Active usage of ClassTag. The more actively you use ClassTag the more likely marketplace will gain visibility with parents and thus will generate rewards for your classroom
  • Vendor referrals. If you know local or national vendors who might be interested including parents who might have businesses in your school or class, please let us know at It is a win-win for all parties involved. 
  • Say 'Thank you'. Vendors, especially local ones, will be appreciative if you would spread the word in a form of 'thank you' on social media, thank you email and a picture of how you are benefiting from their support.

How can I introduce parents to this program? 

Introducing parents to classroom supporter program is not required, but is highly recommended. It sets a good tone for the parents and classroom overall. We recommend sending a short announcement via ClassTag. 

Sample announcement:


Support our class without spending an extra penny!


I am reaching out to you today to ask for your participation in an important classroom program that provides much-needed funds for special projects and supplies at absolutely no cost to you.

The program is through ClassTag Marketplace – a tab that you see once you sign in to your account. By clicking through the stores and offers from ClassTag, you will turn the regular shopping you are already doing with these well-known and trusted vendors into free rewards for our class. You have no obligation to buy, but if you are shopping anyway, by making this click, a percentage of your purchase will go directly to our classroom at no extra cost to you. There is absolutely no difference in how you shop or the prices you pay.

Thank you for supporting our class!

Attachment / Flyer:

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