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How to launch ClassTag Benefits in your classroom

Updated on April 4th, 2018 by

Excited to launch ClassTag Benefits in your classroom? Here’s how to get the funding you need for classroom expenses automatically!

Step 1 – Share the opportunity and engage parents

We’ve created several resources to help you announce and communicate the benefits of Marketplace cash-back to parents.

1 – Send a readymade announcement

From the Marketplace tab you’ll see the option to send a readymade announcement to your classroom, which neatly outlines the opportunities to raise cash back for your classroom and how to do so.

2 – Print readymade flyers to send home

We’ve also provided you with the ability to reach every parent in your classroom with a flyer for scholars’ backpacks.

You can download the flyer from Marketplace or here >>> Flyer to parents.pdf

[Optional] Step 2 – Communicate the program to school administration if necessary

Some teachers might feel the need to communicate the Benefits program with their school administration. If necessary, you can use the readymade flyer we created here >>> Introduction to Benefits for Administration.jpg

Step 3 – Add payee details to collect your payments

You can add the necessary payee details from your Class Settings. 

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