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How to engage parents with the Marketplace and maximize cash-back for your classroom

Updated on April 19th, 2018 by

Many teachers are already enjoying earning cash-back from class member’s purchases through the ClassTag Marketplace. Some of the most engaged classes are earning $10 per week  - that’s $520 per school year! Are you ready to join them? 

Here’s our 3 step guide to engaging parents in the Marketplace and maximizing the cash back you’ll receive for your classroom.

1 - Start shopping through Marketplace yourself (your purchases also generate cash-back!)

Make sure to do your regular shopping with these retailers through Marketplace.

2 - Use the readymade resources from the Marketplace tab to engage parents

From the Marketplace tab you’ll find several options: 

A - Send the readymade announcement from Marketplace

B - Print and send home the parent flyer

C - Make sure that you and your class members never miss a Benefits opportunity by using the ClassTag cash-back reminder for Chrome and Safari browsers

The ClassTag reminder will alert you to earning opportunities, so you’ll never forget to take advantage of free cash-back!

3 - Remind and encourage parents to do their shopping through ClassTag Marketplace

ClassTag Marketplace offers a way to get cash-back for your classroom expenses, without having to ask parents to do or spend anything they wouldn’t already!

You can use announcements and weekly summaries to keep parents motivated.

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