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Introducing ClassTag Benefits

Updated on April 4th, 2018 by

ClassTag Benefits helps you get your students what they need and pay for classroom supplies and activities with fewer out-of-pocket expenses. 

 Read on for an overview of the ClassTag Benefits Program.

How you’ll automatically earn funding and receive payments

There are two sources of funding for ClassTag classrooms:

  1. Sponsorship of your online classroom
  2. Cash back generated by class members’ purchases at participating retailers

You’ll receive:

  • 50% of all net online classroom sponsorship 
    • Note - this is new sponsorship funding raised independently by ClassTag on your behalf and won't interfere with any of your other school/class sponsorships
  • 50% of cash back generated by parent purchases through ClassTag Marketplace retailers

We’ll send you the proceeds via Paypal or check – whichever you prefer – on 31st January and 31st July. Payouts are a minimum of $10.

The funding is yours to spend on whatever project you choose!

How sponsored classrooms work 

We recruit and verify online class sponsors independently and share the sponsorship funding with your classroom. Participating classrooms will be sponsored by trusted, family-friendly brands that want to support your school community through ClassTag, such as after-school providers.

What parents see in a sponsored classroom:

Announcements and newsletters will carry a small logo from the class sponsor as shown below:

Class sponsors reward parents' interactions with their content and offers by donating Class Coins to your Classroom Bank. 

As a teacher, you can then convert your Class Coins into cash, and fund class supplies or activities. Every coin is worth ¢1, and consistent parent participation can boost your classroom budget by hundreds of dollars over the course of a school year.

How ClassTag Marketplace works

ClassTag Marketplace hosts cash back links and offers that class members can use to earn extra cash for the Classroom Bank - just by doing their everyday shopping!

Here you’ll find links to partner retailers that most parents use to make everyday purchases.

Class members won't have to do anything more than their regular shopping to generate cash back for your classroom expenses:

  • When class members visit retailers from Marketplace, your classroom will receive around 1-3% cash back on purchases made (depending on the retailer).
  • Class members won’t have to pay a penny more for purchases made after clicking through ClassTag Marketplace.

How to opt out of the program

If you don’t want to receive payments, that’s no problem! You’re able to opt out from the class settings tab. If you do so:

  1. Your ClassTag classroom will not be sponsored
  2. The Marketplace tab will not be enabled in your ClassTag app
  3. You won’t receive funding from ClassTag benefits for classroom expenses

Simply opt out of ClassTag Benefits from your class Settings tab:

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