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Introducing ClassTag Benefits - For Parents

Updated on October 17th, 2017 by


ClassTag Benefits is a simple, new way to support your child’s classroom at no extra cost!

Many online retailers offer cash-back. We’ve brought these stores together in the ClassTag Marketplace tab so that you can generate cash-back for your child's classroom supplies and activities.

And just by doing your regular online shopping :)

How to generate cash back for your child’s classroom

With the ClassTag Marketplace you’ll be able to support your child’s classroom just by doing your regular online shopping. Here’s how:

  1. Log-in to ClassTag and visit the Marketplace tab
  2. If you have shopping to do with any of the stores there, click the link from Marketplace
  3. When you make purchases after clicking, you’ll automatically generate 1-3% cash-back for your child’s classroom fund

Importantly, you won’t pay a penny extra on your shopping!

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