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How to opt out of ClassTag Rewards

Updated on September 13th, 2018 by

Opting out from Rewards for the whole class

If you don't want to take part in the ClassTag Rewards Program - no problem.

Simply navigate to your Class Settings area and uncheck the box alongside "Receive ClassTag Rewards".

What happens when you opt out of ClassTag Rewards:

  1. You and the parents will not see any sponsored content
  2. You will not be receiving ClassTag coins for engaging with parents
  3. You would still be able to access the Rewards tab, but the only way to claim the free supplies and exclusive offers would be by referring other teachers. You can only get offers that are "0" coins. 
  4. You will not be charged for utilizing ClassTag and can continue to enjoy the free platform  

You can change your mind and start getting free Rewards at any time!

Individual parents opting out of sponsored emails

Every parent in your class has an option to opt out of sponsored emails from ClassTag that might be sent from time to time. This means that they are no longer receiving such communications from the moment they opt out, but it does limit our ability to support the ClassTag Coins your class receives as their activity will not be counted. 

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