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What is ClassTag Rewards?

Updated on September 17th, 2018 by

ClassTag Rewards 

Admit it, you've already looked at the awesome free supplies and exclusive discounts in ClassTag Rewards.  We don't blame you for window shopping! By this point, you know we have a collection of products from some big names in education.  Let's go over some basics before you claim your first reward:)

Some ClassTag Rewards basics:

  • All Rewards are FREE, but you need to have enough ClassTag Coins to claim a particular Reward.
  • Often, we have a couple ClassTag Rewards that are "0" coins, but most require over "100" coins.
  • Ready to use your ClassTag Coins?! Click on "Claim This" and confirm your Reward.
  • After you claim a Reward, you'll get an email from ClassTag with instructions on how to redeem.
  • It is important that you read "Offer Terms and Conditions" before you claim your Reward.
  • You can earn more Coins by: 1) engaging with parents AND 2) referring other teachers to ClassTag.

So, by this point, you may be asking yourself a few questions, such as:

  • How do I know how many ClassTag Coins I have?
  • How is ClassTag Rewards able to provide all these supplies for FREE?!
  • What do my classroom parents see when they go to ClassTag Rewards?

For answers to all these questions, keep reading!

How do I know how many ClassTag Coins I have?

Go to ClassTag Rewards and you'll realize we've created a nifty display to help you keep track of a few things.

Don't be scared to click the icons in the display, as they will provide additional information!  Here's a little more information on what each number in the picture represents:

  1. Balance: Coins you currently have available to spend.
  2. Earnings: clicking on the "Earnings" icon will display a detailed report of the ClassTag Coins you've earned through engagement and referrals.
  3. Purchasesclicking on the "Purchases" icon, you will find a list of items you've claimed, along with their ClassTag Coin value.

How is ClassTag Rewards funded?

ClassTag and our Rewards offers are completely free for teachers.  We know you're probably thinking "What's the catch?". Well, the good news is: there is no catch!  

All the special offers and discounts available through ClassTag Rewards are free as a result of our efforts to #TeamUpForTeachers.  Here at ClassTag, we know how hard you work, so we've partnered up with over 20 teacher friendly companies to help support your classroom!

Through our partnerships with these companies, ClassTag has received proceeds or direct donations in the form of supplies, discounts, and free subscriptions.  In exchange, ClassTag is able to feature partner content and branding in ClassTag Rewards as well as in a few other placements including homepage and email communications.

You get to choose from amazing offers from top companies, while our partner's get the opportunity to show you and the parents how they can help your classroom!  It's a win/win for everyone!

How do parents view ClassTag Rewards?

Currently, parents will be able to see what you see, but will not be able to make purchases.  As the year goes on we will be adding new features.  These new features will allow you to collaborate with parents to find out what rewards will best help support your classroom!

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