How can I help parents in my class find their class code?

Parents need a code to join their child’s class on ClassTag when:

  1. They don’t click on the link in the email invitation or SMS.
  2. They go directly to and click on "Sign-Up".
  3. They are following the instructions on the flyer which asks to go to

The code is unique for each student. To find the correct code, please follow these steps.


1. Go to your class "Directory" and click the icon on the right hand side of “Class Directory”.

2. Click “Download and Print Parent Invitations”.

3. Click the box before the parent’s name, choose the correct language, then click the “Print” button.

4. It will open another window with a PDF file where you can find the code. You can also print the flyer if there’s a need to.


1. On the lower part of the mobile app, click the “Directory” icon.

2. Click the icon next to “Class Directory”.

3. Click “Download and Print Parent Invitations”

4. Click the box before the parent’s name.

5. Choose the language from the drop-down menu then click “Print” on the upper right hand side of the window. 

6. It will open a PDF file where you can find the code. 


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