Parents are required to sign up for a ClassTag account so they can sign up on different Activities (e.g., Event, Volunteer Request, To-Do Item and Parent-Teacher Conference) that you’ll create for your class.

Hovering your mouse on the parent’s credentials (email address or  mobile number) will give you an idea if the parent already has an account on ClassTag. If you see any of the following, it means that the parent hasn’t signed up an account yet.

  1. “Sent” or “Delivered” → The message has been successfully sent (for mobile numbers) or delivered (for email address) to the parent but the parent hasn’t read it yet.
  2. “Read” → The message has been successfully sent to the parent’s email address or mobile number, and the parent has read the message
  3. “Bad Contact” → Nothing was sent to the parents. This should serve as an alert for you that you need to check if the contact is correct or if there’s a typo error.


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