Get familiar with the Directory tab with the help of this video.

When you add another teacher to your classroom, the other teacher will receive an email invitation. The invited teacher will have to click the “Join Now” button and create an account with ClassTag if there is not one yet. Here's a sample email that the other teacher will receive. 

When the other teacher confirmed the invitation, this teacher can log in and will be able to share Announcements to the class, send beautiful weekly newsletters automatically, message parents instantly, organize classroom activities, and lots more. You will also see his/her name on the Directory tab. 

If the other teacher has not confirmed the invitation, a “Resend” link will be visible below the teacher’s email address on the Directory tab. You can click on “Resend” to send the invitation again.

If the email address is invalid, an exclamation point shows up next to the teacher’s email address. You can click on the pencil icon to edit the email address.


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