Before inviting any ClassTag Leader, you may want to refer to this article that discusses what can ClassTag Leaders do. Please be cautious when adding people as ClassTag Leader, as they will have full control to all the classes that are part of your school in ClassTag.

Once you have claimed your school and have access to school dashboard, you will be able to invite School Leaders to join you and resign your ClassTag leadership if you need to. 

Inviting ClassTag Leaders to a School

Please follow these steps:

  1. Log in on ClassTag and click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click on your school’s name.

3. Click the “+ Add Another ClassTag Leader”

4. Enter the email address then click “Enter”.

5. After you click on the “Enter” button, an email similar to below will be sent to the school leader where s/he just needs to click on the “Join Now” button to join ClassTag.

Resigning Your School Leadership

Once you have invited a school leader, you may consider resigning if you were holding this role temporarily. 


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