As a school staff, you can download or print the flyer with the unique code and instructions on how to join using it if you do not know the family's email address or phone number.

Note: There is no single class code to join the classroom. Each student profile has unique code parents and guardians can use to join your class.

Please follow the steps below in finding the flyer where you'll see the code.

Option 1 - best used to print a single flyer with a code.

1. Go to the Class Directory.

2. Search the student.

3. Click the student profile.

4. Click the orange button on the Guardian's section.

5. Click the dropdown menu (Invite another way) and select Print an Invitation.

6. Print or download the invite. See the sample below.

Option 2 - best used to print flyers for multiple students with their respective codes.

1. Go to the Class Directory.

2. Click the orange button on the right side.

3. Click Print Parent Invitations.

4. Select the students.

5. Click Print.

Multiple flyers will be generated similar to the sample above. Download or print all pages and send them to the parents/guardians.


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