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How do I edit my Class Directory?
How do I edit my Class Directory?

Adding, editing, removing parents and students from the Directory

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The Class Directory provides you with one location to manage your class memberships, print invitations to join SchoolStatus Connect, add students and parents to the classroom, invite or remove teachers from your classroom, and easily send messages.

This article contains information on how to:

Inviting New Families

If you are inviting parents/guardians to join your class from scratch, please follow the instructions in this article instead.

If you only need to add a new family to an already-established Class Directory, follow the steps below.

1. Click the black button.

2. Click Add a Family.

3. Enter the student's first and last name then click Add.

4. Click the black button in the Guardians section.

5. Enter the parent/guardian's email address, and mobile number, and/or print the invitation.

6. Click Add.

Troubleshooting Errors and Unreachable Contacts

Error Message

Inviting families into SchoolStatus Connect, you can use both the email address and the mobile number at the same time. Sometimes, you will encounter a message saying This email and phone can't be used at the same time.

The error message means that one of the two contact information already has an account and the full control over that account is with the parent. You can invite the existing account to join the class and direct the parent to add the other contact information by logging in to their account and updating their Account Settings.

Unreachable Contacts

Unreachable contact information means the parent/guardian is not receiving the invitation. It is due to one of the many possible reasons:

  • The email address/mobile number is invalid

  • SchoolStatus Connect emails marked as spam/junk

  • Email/mobile inbox is full

  • Parent/guardian hasn't clicked the links inside our emails/SMS in a long time

  • Security software blocking our emails/SMS

To resolve this, have the parent/guardian:

  • Review all their email folders and make sure SchoolStatus Connect emails are marked Safe.

  • Click and open a link from one of the email notifications that they've received.

  • Delete old emails/SMS to free up space in their inboxes.

  • Contact our awesome Support team at if none of the above troubleshooting works.

Resending Invitations

If you still see an email address or a mobile number on your Class Directory, it means the parent/guardian hasn't signed up and joined the class yet.

You can resend the invitation by clicking their profile and then clicking Resend Invitation.

Removing Students and Parents/Guardians

When a student graduates or leaves the school, you can archive them and remove the parents/guardians connected. Please follow the steps below.

Archiving a student

1. Search for the student name/profile.

2. Click Edit.

3. Uncheck Active student and click Save

Archiving multiple students

1. Search for the students.

2. Put a check next to their names.

3. Click Actions and click Archive.

4. Confirm by clicking Archive.

Removing a parent/guardian

1. Search for the student profile and click Edit.

2. Click the minus sign next to the parent/guardian's profile, click Confirm, and Save.

Removing all parents/guardians

1. Search for the students.

2. Put a check next to their names.

3. Click Actions and click Remove Guardians.

Sending an Announcement to select Families

If you intend to send an Announcement to all students in the class, please follow the instructions in this article instead.

On the other hand, sending an Announcement to select families can be done in the Class Directory. The complete instructions can be found in this article.


If the school is on SchoolStatus Connect and is syncing with Clever, ClassLink, or SFTP, some functions in this article will not work. Please reach out to your School Leader, Custom Success Manager, or our awesome Support team at


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