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How do I know if parents/guardians already joined my class?
How do I know if parents/guardians already joined my class?

A guide for teachers to determine which parents have already signed up for SchoolStatus Connect and which aren't yet connected.

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Parents are required to sign up for a SchoolStatus Connect account so they can participate in different activities, e.g., Events, Volunteer Requests, To-Do Items, and Parent-Teacher conferences that you will create for your class.

A. A good indicator to know that a parent has joined your class on SchoolStatus Connect is if you see their names on your class directory. 

B. An exclamation mark with the email address or mobile number in red means that the system tried to send a notification but it hasn’t been sent successfully. Common reasons are (1) the email address or mobile number is invalid or (2) the email address is full.  

C. If the email address or credential is showing up on your directory but it isn’t in red and doesn’t have an exclamation point, it means that the system was able to send the notification but the parent hasn’t created an account yet. 

Clicking on the credential will open the User Profile which will allow you to resend the invitation. 


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