Here at ClassTag, we understand there are parents who prefer to communicate in a language other than English. We translate your message from English to different languages to ensure that parents will understand your message and engage with your class on ClassTag.

When inviting parents in your directory tab, you have an option to change the default language for that parent from English to 100+ languages when sending the invitation.

You can set the language for every parent when you add their contacts manually in the Directory or copy and paste the student list and parents’ contact information (email address or mobile number) for bulk import.

Manual Invitations

1. On the “Directory” tab, add the student’s name by clicking the icon on the right hand side of the “Class Directory” and clicking “Add a Student”.

2. Type the student’s first name and last name and click “Add”.

3. It will show the “Student Profile”. To add a parent, click the icon on the right side of “Guardians”.

4. Enter the parent’s email address, click the drop-down below “Language” and choose the parent’s language, then click “Send Invitation”.

5. To use the parent’s mobile number, click “Invite in another way” and click “Invite via phone”.

6. Enter the parent’s mobile number, click the drop-down below “Language” and choose the parent’s language, then click “Send Invitation”.

Bulk Import or “Copy and Paste from a Spreadsheet”

Prepare a spreadsheet of your class directory that you will upload on ClassTag. The first column should have the students’ first name, the second column should have the student's last name, and the third should have the parent's email address or mobile number.


  • This invitation method only accepts one email or phone number per user. It's important to only provide one method (either email address or mobile number). We recommend email address, but mobile phone number is also acceptable if there's no email address.

  • If you need to add a second communication method to a parent's profile, please do the steps below first and then follow the instructions on this separate article (steps 2-6).

  • If you need to add a second guardian for a specific student, please add the contact info on the fourth column. You can add up to max of 6 guardians per student.

  • Please note that adding another email address or mobile number on the fourth and succeeding columns will create another user with a parent role and will not associate it to the parent contact info on the third column.

1. On the “Directory” tab, add the students’ names and parents’ information by clicking the icon on the right hand side of the “Class Directory” then clicking “Add a Student”.

2. Click “Copy From a Spreadsheet”.

3. A page that looks like a spreadsheet will show up.

4. Copy the details from your spreadsheet and paste it into this page. Choose the parent’s language by clicking on the drop-down menu below their credentials then click “Import”.

NOTE: By default, the language is set to “English”. If you need the system to send the notification using a different language, (e.g., Spanish), click the drop-down menu next to the parent's contact info and choose the correct language.

5. A message similar to below will show up. This means that the details are being imported to the system.

6. The students’ names and parents’ credentials will now show up on your class Directory page. It will also send a notification to the parent using the language you set on the previous page.

What happens when the student has already been added in a different classroom that is connected to a school?

When uploading details from a spreadsheet, the system will automatically check if there are duplicate students who have already been added in other classrooms that are connected to the school. The system will check for the student’s first and last name and provide three options.

For example, let’s try to upload this spreadsheet and say that these students are already part of a different classroom that is connected to the school.

Copy and paste the details on the next page and click “Import”.

After clicking on "Import", this will show up.

Three options that can be done here:

  • Use Existing Student → the student who already exists in the school will be enrolled in your class with all his/her guardians. If you’ve listed new guardians in the spreadsheet, they will not be added to the student. You’ll need to invite them later.

  • Create Another Student → the new student will be created in school and enrolled in your classroom with the guardians you’ve listed in the spreadsheet.

  • Skip this Student → no student will be added in the class.

After clicking the "Apply" button, it will say "Processed x students from y student records". For this example, it will say "Processed 1 student from 3 student records" since we're uploading 3 students.

Here's what it will show after the upload.

  • For Andrew Miller, we used the "Use Existing Student" which is why it imported the same student and parent that are already existing in a different class.

  • For Clarence Hopkins, we used the "Create Another Student" where it used the details from the spreadsheet and not the student's name and parent's name from the different class.

  • For Harry Jones, it wasn't imported because we used "Skip this Student" option.

Inviting parents in a different language when printing flyers

If you don’t know the parent’s credentials, you can invite the parents using a code and print the flyers in different languages. You have an option to change the default language for each family without contact information from English to 60+ languages currently available.

1. On your Directory tab, click the icon next to “Class Directory” then click “Add a Student”.

2. Click “Download and Print Parent Invitations”.

3. Click the box before “Select All” or choose the specific student/s only.

4. Choose the parent’s language by clicking on the drop-down menu on the right side of the parent’s name, then click “Print”.

5. A PDF file similar to the example below will be exported so you can print and send it home with the student so their parents can join your class on ClassTag.


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