When a ClassTag account is set up, teachers and school leaders have an option to invite you, the parent, using your email address or mobile number. 

Usually, both of these contacts are linked to the same parent, and in this case, it sends duplicate notifications through different channels (email and SMS). There are also instances when the school has various contacts for parents, and thus you may end up with multiple accounts on ClassTag which means multiple notifications.

If you suspect that you have multiple accounts, you can go ahead and deactivate the ones you don't need or consolidate them. Please follow these steps.

1. Click the three lines.

2. Go to "Account Settings".

3. Click "My Family" under "My Relationships".

4. On the Co-parent section, you'll see everyone connected to your children.

  • If you need to add or delete a co-parent please see this article for help.

  • If the duplicate account hasn't been created yet (you can tell by the red "!" and is only an invitation, you can delete the account right by clicking on the email address and following the instructions here.

  • If the duplicate account has already been created (you see a name associated with the account), you have to log in via that account and select to deactivate it. Please note that you need to log out from the current account by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the upper right side and then clicking on “Sign Out”. Once you’re signed out from the current account, please refer to this article on how you can deactivate your other duplicate account. If you forgot your password, please go here: https://www.classtag.com/users/password/new 

  • If you want to combine two credentials in one account, (one email address and one mobile number only), you can log into the account you want to keep and add the other credential. Please note that you can only add the other credential if it has already been deleted from the list. 

If you require direct assistance, please reach us at support@classtag.com


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