At the end of the school year, it is a good practice to "graduate" or archive your classrooms to ensure that all information is retained. Your older information will not stay in the way of new activities and new classes when the new year starts. 

Parents and teachers will retain their accounts on ClassTag and use their credentials in any new classes. 

1. Log in on ClassTag.

2. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

3. Go to “Account Settings”.

4. Scroll down to "My Relationships" and click on "Schools & Classes".

4. Look for the archived class below the “Previous Classes”.

5. If you need to make the archived class active again, please click the "gear" on the right side of the class name and click "Unarchive This Class".

5. A message that says "Classroom has been unarchived" will appear on top of the page, and the archived class will now be part of "I am a member of x classes" (where x is the # of active classes).

6. It will also show up when you click the three lines on the upper left side.


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