ClassTag provides various options to send documents (e.g., MS Word, PDF files, Google Documents, videos, photos) to the parents that can be downloaded at any time. You can send the documents through the following:

  1. Share a Story

  2. Announcements

  3. Activity: Event, Volunteer Request, and To-Do Item

When you see a similar box below, it’s an indication that you can attach a document.

Option 1: 

Simply drag and drop the files onto the box

Option 2:

Click on Click Here and browse on your computer and look for the file you’d like to send.

Option 3:

Click Connect to your Google Drive to attach files. After you have connected your Google account you can then click Attach Google Document or Folder and connect (share) a document or folder that has been stored in your Google Drive.

That’s it! Your file is now ready to be sent to the parents.

NOTE: All documents uploaded via Google Drive will also be added to the Library with an option to filter these documents only.


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