The Stats page is where you can find a snapshot of your parents' engagement level and how it is changing over time. No more guesswork! If you need to take action, you can send an email to parents right from the Stats page.  

How do Stats Work?

The Family column shows the list of students’ names in bold, with their parents and caregivers shown below.  The last time the parent logged into the site is shown under the parents' name.  

The Engagement column shows each family’s status with "Emerging", "Strong" or "Thriving" based on their status of engagement and usage of ClassTag and communications in the email. The objective is to get more of your families to "Thriving" status as you continue to use ClassTag. This also provides a snapshot of how engaged the parents are in this class.  This is a visual cue that reflects the statistics in this column showing how many times these parents have volunteered, responded to RSVPs, completed requested items, and how many times required items have gone overdue.   

If you find that you need to prompt a family for greater engagement, click on the Take Action drop down and select which family member you would like to send an email to. 


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