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Can I assign or unassign parents to Parent-Teacher Conference time slots?
Can I assign or unassign parents to Parent-Teacher Conference time slots?

Quick steps on how to assign parents to a Parent-Teacher Conference.

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As a teacher, there are unavoidable scenarios when you'd need to manually assign parents to a Parent-Teacher Conference time slot:

1. You already know the parents preferred schedule prior to the Parent-Teacher Conference creation.

2. The parent has no access to the internet or is not tech-savvy and needs your help.

Follow the steps below to manually assign parents/guardians to PTC time slots.

1. Go to the Activities tab.

2. Click the Parent-Teacher Conference.

3. Expand the time slots.

4. Click the parent’s preferred day and time and the parents' names will pop up.

5. Search for the parent/guardian's name and click Assign.

6. Once done, the slot selected will be assigned to that parent, and the other parents won’t be able to choose that slot.

To unassign a timeslot, find the parent/guardian's current time slot and click their name.

You'll be prompted to confirm the unassign action. Once confirmed, either have the parent select a new time slot or assign them to a new one, following the steps above.

That's it! 😊

If you have questions or if you experience any problems, please reach out to our amazing Support Team at

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