The following are couple of scenarios when you would need to assign parents to Parent-Teacher Conference timeslots:

  1. Parent has already advised you of his/her preferred schedule prior to creating the conference on ClassTag.
  2. Parent has no easy access to the internet and you were advised about their preferred schedule through a phone call or SMS.


  1. Log in on ClassTag.
  2. Go to “Activities” and look for the Parent-Teacher Conference that you’ve created.

3. Click the “+ Choose Timeslot”.

4. Click the parent’s preferred day and time.

5. Look for the parent’s name and click on the “Assign” button next to his/her name.

6. Once done, the slot selected will be assigned to that parent, and the other parents won’t be able to choose that slot.


If for any reason you need to unassign a parent from a specific slot, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to “Activities”, look for the Parent-Teacher Conference that you’ve created and click “Show More” to see the list of parents who already signed up.

2. Look for the parent’s name then click on the circle icon before his/her name.

3. You’ll see a pop-up confirmation window. Click the “Confirm” button to complete the process.

4. Once done, the parent will receive an email that he/she has been unassigned from that slot, and the other parents can choose that slot. 


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