How can I create an Announcement?

Step-by-step instructions on how to create an Announcement

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Announcements are broadcast messages that you can send to all parents to share a great moment from the classroom, give them some tips and ideas on how to support their child, or give heads up on something going on at school. You can upload pictures, videos, and files along with the announcement itself. 

  • Announcements will appear on the Home page for you and parents in your class

  • They will also arrive shortly as emails or SMS 

  • Announcements delivered via email will use the Title as the subject of the email and the Message as the body of the email, including up to 3 pictures and a link to see more pictures and attachments

  • Announcements delivered via SMS will show the Title as the message and the Message (if included) as the link to see more, including pictures and other attachments

To create an Announcement, please follow these steps.

1. Click the green plus sign and click Announcement.

2. Fill out the Announcement form.

1. The To Line

Where you can change the intended Announcement recipients.

2. Announcement Title

Where to add the subject or the title of the Announcement. Make it short and eye-catching.

3. Main Body

The section to add the details of your Announcement. Treat this as the main content of the Announcement.

4. Attachments

If you need to attach a file, photo, or video from your computer, Google Drive, or Youtube to your announcement, this is where you can upload them.

3. Click Send, Send Later, or Preview.

3.1. Send. Announcement will immediately be sent to its intended recipients.

3.2. Send Later. Schedule the Announcement to be sent at a later date and/or time.

3.3. Preview. See how the Announcement will look like as an Email or SMS.

That's it! 🙌

Announcement is sent!


1. Can parents post comment or reactions to my Announcements?
Yes, parents do have the ability to post a comment or reaction. You and the parents can add a comment and reaction to any announcement you post for the class. Here is how to "Enable Comments" and what it looks like:

  • Clicking on React will allow you and the parents to choose from one of the reactions.

  • Typing a message in the box will post a comment to the announcement.

2. I don't like parents to post any comments or reactions to my Announcement. How can I restrict them from doing this?
By default, when an Announcement is created, the option to leave a comment or reaction is enabled. If you prefer to not allow anyone to add any comments or reactions to the Announcement, click the ellipses on the upper-right and then click Disable comments

3. How can I delete the comment posted by the parent to my Announcement?
If, for any reason, you need to delete any comment posted by the parent, click the ellipses next to the comment and then click Delete.

4. How to duplicate announcements for various classes?
Utilize the Reuse Announcement feature and send the Announcement to another class or send is Schoolwide.

5. If you add a new student, can their parents see previous announcements?
Yes, parents of the newly added student will see the previous Announcements sent to the class.

6. Can I send an announcement to one parent or select parents instead of my entire class?
This is possible with Classtag Connect. You can edit the To Line field with either specific families, classes, or school.

Alternatively, you can send a private message to select parents in your class.

7. I’ve sent an Announcement. How do I confirm if I sent it or not?
All announcements are posted on the School/Class Home page.

8. Do all school leaders receive all Announcements, notices, etc. from all classes in the school?
No, only parents and teachers of the class will receive the Announcement. School Leaders can view these Announcements by going to the class directly.

9. How can I share YouTube videos in ClassTag? How can I add YouTube videos to my announcements?
You can easily attach YouTube videos directly to your announcements so they can be viewed.

10. How do I hide parents' emails when sending out an announcement?
Parents’ email addresses are not visible when an announcement has been sent out.

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