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How can I organize a Parent-Teacher Conference?
How can I organize a Parent-Teacher Conference?

Helpful guide on how a teacher can set up and organize a Parent-Teacher Conference in person or via Google Meet.

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One of the features that teachers love is the ability to set up and organize a Parent-Teacher Conference on SchoolStatus Connect.

Step-by-step instructions

Please follow these steps on how to set up your upcoming Parent-Teacher Conference.

1. Log in on SchooStatus Connect.

2. Click the “+” key on the upper right side of the page and select Parent-Teacher Conference.

3. You’ll see a calendar where you can choose a date. 

4. After you pick a date, pick the time and duration for the first slot and then keep clicking "Create Timeslot" until you have the number of slots you need on that day and any of the following days in the schedule. SchoolStatus Connect will automatically remember the duration of the last slot you enter.  The minimum number of slots you can add should be the number of students you have in your class. You can add more if needed.

5. You will quickly see the total number of slots you created across days vs. the number of students in your class in the middle of your screen as well as the number of slots for each day. You can keep moving across the dates by clicking on them or scrolling with the grey arrow. 

6. Click “Continue” on the upper right side of the page.

7. You can add more details about your conference and a Google Meet link on the next page if you want to host your meeting virtually. If this is the first time that you're going to add a Google Meet, you will need to connect your Google Calendar first on your SchoolStatus Connect account. Please click the "Connect Google Meet if you wish to add the Google Meet option.

8. A pop-up window will appear that will ask you to choose your Google account. Choose the correct Google account.

9. On the next page, click "Continue".

10. Once your Google calendar is connected to your SchoolStatus Connect account, the option to add a Google Meet link to the Parent-Teacher Conference is now available. Please toggle the bar on the lower right side.

Note: If you do not wish to add the Google Meet option leave that option turned off.

11. The toggle bar should turn green. Review all the details and then click "Preview".

12. The next page will show how the Parent-Teacher Conferences will look, including all the details that were added on the previous page. Click "Done" to proceed.

13. You have an option to announce the Parent-Teacher Conferences on the next page or just click on "I'm done".

NOTE: Parents will not get notified about the Parent-Teacher Conferences until you announce them, but they can see the Conferences when they go to the "Activities" tab of their account. We recommend announcing the Parent-Teacher Conferences to notify parents and ask them to sign up.

Announcing the Parent-Teacher Conference

Send an announcement to parents right away 

If you already have invited the parents, you can go ahead and announce the conference times. Announcing conferences will send all invited parents an email or SMS containing your message and the details of the conference itself.  Please note that your message can be very brief as the information about the event will be contained along with the announcement automatically. Here’s a sample email that the parent will receive once the conference has been announced.

If you have not invited parents yet, they will not receive a notification, and they will only see the conferences on the Activities tab when they join. In this case, we recommend sending the announcement about the conferences after parents have been invited. Here's how it looks like on the parent’s side. 

Send an announcement to parents later

If you have not invited parents yet or are not ready to announce it, you can do so at any time from the Activities tab by clicking on the little wheel on the right next to the name of the event. By sending the announcement from the event itself vs. the general announcement with '+', the information about the event will be automatically pulled up. 

If you have not used SchoolStatus Connect before and need to invite parents to join for parent-teacher conferences, you might find this article about inviting parents helpful. 

You can also assign parents to slots yourself if they do not have easy internet access. Please take a look at this helpful article

Editing your conferences

If you need to add time slots or remove some that you do not need or change any other information, please click 'edit' from the small wheel drop-down next to your conferences in the Activities tab. 

You can also print the schedule and see exactly who hasn't signed up for the conferences from the drop-down in the ellipsis. 

Viewing the Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-ups

To view the parents who have signed up for a slot, please click the Activities tab and click the Parent-Teacher Conference.

Click the drop-down menu on the right side of "Select Time".

The list of parents who signed up for a slot will show up. It will also show the Google Meet link that is unique per slot.

The details of the Google Meet will also get added to your Google Calendar.

Clicking on any of the calendar invites will show the details of the call.


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