Check out this video demonstrating how to create an announcement then pin it to the top.

Here is another one for creating an activity. You may announce an activity and pin it at the top too.

Pinning an announcement is a great way for parents to easily see it on their Home page. Here are some examples of announcements we think could be worth pinning.

  • Any resources that the parents can use to help their child’s progress (e.g., Literacy Resources, Math Resources, etc.)

  • Any important news you’d like the parents to read (e.g., school and class updates, changes on schedule, etc.)

  • Any upcoming activity like an event (e.g., Year-End celebration)

  • Any upcoming activity that you’d like parents to sign up on (e.g., Event with RSVP, Event with requested items, To-Do list, Volunteer Request, Parent-Teacher Conference).

As a reminder, you can always pin an announcement by clicking on the pin icon on the right side.

Any pinned announcement will show up on the upper part of the Home page. To unpin any announcement, click the red pin icon.


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