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How and when do I earn free supplies on ClassTag?
How and when do I earn free supplies on ClassTag?
Guidelines on how and when you'll earn free supplies
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Recognizing the challenges teachers face, we created a new way for teachers to get class supplies, cleaning products, technology, furniture, snacks, and more - for free!

Community Contributions

You can now receive ClassTag Coins from your community and the general public thanks to Community Contributions.

How it Works

Your class members can now support your classroom by going to the Goods tab in their app and making a Contribution in a few clicks.

You'll receive a notification about each new Contribution, and you will have instant access to the full amount, deposited as ClassTag Coins.

This helpful functionality is enabled by default. You can also adjust the visibility of the Fund in your Settings and make your Fund public to benefit from contributions from those not in your immediate classroom community.

How to Redeem Free Supplies

You can easily redeem hundreds of products using received ClassTag Coins, without leaving the app! We have a wide range of supplies, cleaning products, technology, furniture, snacks, and more, available in the updated Rewards Catalog.

As there’s a shipping cost associated with the delivery of physical goods, we encourage you to group your redemptions (order more items at once) to reduce shipping costs.

Creating your Wish List

You can create a Wish List to let parents know exactly what's needed in the classroom. Showing your community how you intend to use their Contributions can help you receive more funding.

You can now add items to your Wish List directly from the Rewards Catalog.

All parents in your classrooms will be able to view the list in the Goods section of the app and contribute to it.

As you redeem items, we’ll automatically check them off your Wish List and update the quantity needed.

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