As a Teacher, you can earn ClassTag Coins through the following:

  • Teacher-Parent communication and engagement: any ClassTag Coins you earned for the previous month are deposited into your Coin Bank at the start of next month (e.g., coins earned on February are deposited at the start of March).
  • Referring another teacher to ClassTag: after you refer another teacher to ClassTag and they sign up and verify their account, the 150 coins will automatically be added to your Coin Bank. The teacher you refer needs to create a class and, once they do that, we can add the 150 coins to their account.

If you notice that your ClassTag Coins are not being added accurately, please get in touch with us by sending an email to and we’ll be glad to review your class activity. 

You may check this video to help you out in using your coins for ClassTag Rewards.


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