Aside from ClassTag being a superb communication tool for teachers and parents, it also has a Rewards Program that helps educators ease the financial burden of acquiring classroom materials. The Rewards Program allows teachers to earn ClassTag Coins for their classrooms by simply encouraging parental engagement and interaction. The more coins a teacher earns each month, the more free school supplies they can "purchase" for their classroom. 

A parent’s role in the Rewards Program is significant. Just by simply using the app, parents help teachers earn coins that they can spend on classroom supplies. Parents are encouraged to read announcements, send and reply to private messages, respond to RSVPs, and assist with volunteer requests by teachers. Every month, with parental engagement, the teacher earns ClassTag Coins that the can be redeemed for school supplies.

ClassTag has partnered up with some amazing family-friendly sponsors that help provide much needed supplies to teachers. We have awarded pencils, stickers, art supplies, books and other materials to thousands of happy classrooms.

Parents and teachers have access to the Rewards tab. As a parent, you will be able to see how many coins have been accumulated over time and how many coins have been used to redeem classroom materials. 

At this time, only the teacher can use these coins to exchange for any item available on the Rewards page. The parent can contribute by engaging in the app to gain more coins.

As a parent, you will see an advertisement on your child's classroom on ClassTag.

You’re seeing the ads because your child's class participates in ClassTag Rewards. We partner with respectable family-friendly brands that donate ClassTag Coins. The teacher can then exchange these special ClassTag Coins for free supplies or Amazon gift cards to get the things that are needed for students, for free.  

Our Rewards program also helps us keep ClassTag free for everyone in your class. Other apps charge teachers almost $100 per year for an unlimited account. Many times teachers often pay for this out of pocket.


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