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How can I tell if a teacher has accepted my invitation to join ClassTag?
How can I tell if a teacher has accepted my invitation to join ClassTag?

Have you referred another teacher to join your classroom? Here's how you can tell if they've accepted your invitation.

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When you add another teacher to your classroom, the other teacher will receive an email invitation or an SMS. The invited teacher will have to click Join Now and create an account with ClassTag. Below is a sample email the other teacher will receive.

When the other teacher confirms the invitation, this teacher can log in and share Announcements with the class, send weekly newsletters automatically, message parents instantly, organize classroom activities, and lots more. You will also see their name in the Class Directory.

If the other teacher has not confirmed the invitation, you will see the email address that you invited instead.

Clicking on the email address will open the user profile and you can click the Resend Invitation button to send the invitation again to the teacher.

If the email address shows unreachable, please refer to this article and reach out to the teacher to make sure we got the correct email address.

All set! ๐Ÿ™Œ

If you have questions, contact our amazing Support team at!

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