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Can I send invitations via SMS, email, or both?
Can I send invitations via SMS, email, or both?

Details of what is being sent to the parents via email or SMS.

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Invitations sent via Email, SMS or both

  • Users can be invited using their cell phone number, email address, or both. Please note that SMS invitations work in the US only. 

  • If you would like to use both email and SMS invitations for the same parent, please make sure you are adding them to the same student vs. creating two different students for the same parent. 

  • To add both contacts to the same student, please use one contact first and then you will see + Add phone or + Add email appear under the contact information you just added. 

Student Profile View from Directory

Click the orange button on the right to add additional guardians.

After you click the orange button you will see this screen which gives you options for sending an invitation via email, phone, and even printing an invitation to send home.

  • In case you have added both contacts for a parent (email and cell phone number), that parent will be receiving invitations via both methods and will accept both invitations automatically once one of them is accepted. 

  • Please note that as soon as parents are invited to SchoolStatus Connect, they start receiving all communications even before they have accepted the invitation. If the user has both email and SMS contact, the default notification method would be emailed.

  • You can find more information about inviting parents here

Notifications sent as an Email

  • Announcements will use the announcement title as the subject line. The body of the announcement will be included in the body of the email. 

  • You will be able to see a preview of the email after creating the announcement. 

  • The announcement in the email will include up to 3 images and icons for any other attachments as applicable (mp4, doc, pdf, xls, etc). Users can follow a link to see these attachments on SchoolStatus Connect. 

  • When replying to an announcement, only the announcement creator will receive the response. 

  • Conversations will be sent to users in full if the user hasn't seen the conversation online or in the app within 5 minutes. 

  • When replying to a conversation, all the participants in the conversation will receive the response.

  • Weekly Summary will use the title Next Week at [Class name] as the subject and have all the body of the email as the weekly summary including the custom message, calendar, and personalized activities description for each parent. 

  • When replying to a weekly summary, only the creator or the first teacher in the class will receive the response. 

  • The recipient can reply to these email notifications from their email account and the sender will receive the reply in their email and in the Conversations on SchoolStatus Connect (conversation icon on the top right). 

Notifications sent as an SMS

  • Announcements via SMS will use the announcement title as the actual SMS that is being sent. If the title is longer than the number of characters allowed in a single SMS, the user will receive multiple SMS. The actual body of the announcement (if included) will be sent as a link to see more with the SMS. When clicking on the link, the user will be able to view the full announcement with attachments in the Home tab of the website or app (if the app has been downloaded).  Currently, there is no preview for SMS announcements.

  • Conversations via SMS will be sent to users if the user hasn't seen the conversation online or in the app within 5 minutes. The SMS will state who sent the new message and to see the body of the message the user will have to click on the link leading to 'Conversations' in the app or on the website.

  • Weekly Summary via SMS will use 'Next Week at [Class name]' as the actual SMS. The full weekly summary will be sent as a link to see more with the SMS. When clicking on the link, the user will be able to view the full weekly summary on the website or app (if the app has been downloaded). 

  • The recipient of the notification via SMS currently cannot directly reply to the message. When the recipient tries to reply to the SMS, they will receive an automated notification with the link to SchoolStatus Connect Conversation to use instead via the website or mobile app (if the latter has been downloaded). 

Other Notifications:

  • Push notifications on the mobile app will be sent 30 seconds after the Announcement or comment to the Announcement or direct message has been sent.

  • All users will be receiving Daily Summary notifications via SMS or Email. They also have the option to turn off notifications (None). Users currently cannot select to receive both email and SMS. The Weekly Summary behaves in the same way. 

  • Automated Reminders are only being sent as an email.

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