Depending on how you send your message to the parents, ClassTag provides you a way to check if the parent has read your message.


On the lower part of your Announcements, there’s a “Seen By” section that you can click on to see the list of who has or has not seen your message. 

Click on “Seen by:” to check which parents have viewed your post. Those in the “Not seen by” tab are parents who have not viewed it.


A checkmark on the lower left side of your message indicates that the message was successfully sent to the parent.

A checkmark with a “Seen” message indicates that the parent has already read your message.


To check the list of parents who’ve read your Weekly Summary, please click on the “Weekly Summary” icon on the left side, go to the “Archive” tab and then click the % icon on the left side of “Summary”.

Once clicked, you’ll get the list of parents who have seen or have not seen your Weekly Summary.


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