Often a ClassTag Leader (formerly referred to as a "School Leader") is part of a school's leadership team or administration. However, this is not always the case. ClassTag leaders can also be teachers who are allowed to send announcements and create activities to all classes on your school even if they are not added as a teacher of that class. As a ClassTag leader, you can communicate with all parents, send photos or files to anyone, or even edit the class directory. In short, you can do everything on any class. 

Removing a ClassTag Leader

Sometimes there is a need to remove someone as a ClassTag Leader. Here are a few possible reasons: 

  1. The ClassTag Leader has already left the school and a new ClassTag Leader has been appointed.

  2. The ClassTag Leader is a teacher but not an administrator, and the school's leadership would prefer to designate an administrator as the ClassTag Leader.

  3. The ClassTag Leader is not part of the school.

Steps to Remove a ClassTag Leader

1. Click the 3 lines in the upper left corner.

2. Click the name of your school.

(a) Click the "Directory" tab on the left.

(b) The ClassTag Leadership for your school will be listed on the right.

(c) Find the name of the person you wish to remove and click on his/her name.

3. When you see the User Profile for this person, click the "Edit" button.

4. Click the red icon on the left side of the school's name.

5. Click "Confirm".

6. A confirmation that says "The teacher has been disconnected succcesfully" will appear on top of the page.

7. Click the X on the upper right corner, and you are finished.

Follow these steps ONLY if you wish to remove a ClassTag Leader.

If you need further assistance ClassTag support can assist you with this. Please send us an email at support@classtag.com with more information and we will be happy to look into your case.


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