How do I add a ClassTag Leader?

How to invite a ClassTag Leader to administer your school on ClassTag

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Classtag Leaders have access to the Districtwide (Classtag Connect) or Schoolwide Settings and all classrooms connected to the District/School.

You can read more about Classtag Roles and Permissions here.

You are automatically the Classtag Leader when you are the first staff to claim/join a School. When this happens, you can invite other leaders and manage the School's Classtag together or leave the leadership to someone else entirely.

If you believe you are not the person that should manage the whole School, invite a new leader first and then update your role. Please follow the steps below.

Inviting ClassTag Leaders to a School

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Click the School's name.

3. Go to the Directory tab.

4. Click the orange + people icon.

5. Click + Add Admin.

6. Type the email address of the person you wish to invite. You can click the + sign on the right to add multiple people at once.

7. Click Add.

All set! πŸ™Œ The invite is now sent to the new School Leaders. All you need to do is wait until they accept your invitation.

Updating your Classtag Role

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Go to Account Settings.

3. Click Schools & Classes.

4. Click the ellipses next to the School's name.

5. Click Select Job Title.

6. Choose between all available options and then click Save.

The Job Title has been assigned successfully! πŸ™Œ

Your account's permission level is immediately updated once you have saved the new role.

Contact our amazing Support team if you have any questions at!


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