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How can I add my school to ClassTag and become the ClassTag Leader?
How can I add my school to ClassTag and become the ClassTag Leader?

Step-by-step instructions for adding your school on ClassTag and becoming a ClassTag Leader.

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Welcome, ClassTag Leader! Here you will learn how you can get started on ClassTag while getting your school community organized and thriving in a free and private ClassTag platform in no time. 

Signing Up For ClassTag

1. If you are new to ClassTag, please start by signing up for ClassTag and clicking on either of the Get Started buttons on the page.

2. Please click onLeader to proceed to the next step.

3. Enter your email address or continue with Google, Facebook, or Microsoft.

Finding Your School

The easiest way to find your school is to input your zip code and then look through the list of schools that appears below.

Enter your school’s address or zip code to search for it (a). You can also try looking by school name. If no one has claimed your school yet, you may click to claim it (b).

  • If you see the (c) Request to join, this means that someone else in your district has claimed that school as the ClassTag Leader. On ClassTag the first teacher or educator who created a class automatically becomes the ClassTag Leader for your school. You can click Request to join and follow up with the person to accept you. If they are no longer with the school, please send us a message via

  • If you cannot find your school, you can click (d) Request to Add School and fill out the form with the school’s information. We will review your request and send you an email if it’s been added or not.

Inviting Other ClassTag Leaders

Once you sign up as a ClassTag Leader on ClassTag, you can invite others to join as a ClassTag Leader, invite and create classes and much more!  How do I invite a ClassTag Leader?

Creating New Classes and Inviting to Existing Classes

You can create new classes right from the school dashboard and invite a teacher to join with just one click. Easy!

1. Click the Hamburger menu.

2. Click Add New Class.

3. If you’re creating a new class, fill out the details about the class on the next page. You can either choose I am the teacher or Someone else is a teacher. If you choose the latter, please enter the teacher’s email address.

If you would like to invite additional teachers to each class, the individual teacher can do so from their class directory or you can go in by clicking on the class and going to the directory as well.

Assigning Classrooms

If you currently have classes created with your email account not connected to the School, you can go to the Classrooms tab from the School page and click Assign right from the School Classrooms list.

School-wide Communications

ClassTag brings your school community together on a single platform with everything you need to reach and engage families at your fingertips.

You have two options for schoolwide usage of ClassTag:

  1. Leverage a free ClassTag plan that allows you to connect up to 7 classrooms to your school and then send announcements and activities in any of the classrooms by directly visiting those classrooms from the school page

  2. Upgrade to ClassTag Connect, an integrated family engagement platform for schools and districts delivering all the benefits of the free platform and all of the enterprise additions including cascading communications at a classroom, school, and district level, actionable analytics, robocalling, custom branding, and much more.


Please inquire about upgrading to ClassTag Connect by completing a short form.

You can see a quick video demo of ClassTag Connect below.


When visiting any of the connected classrooms you will be able to send a multi-classroom announcement using the steps below just from the classroom level.


Have you dreamed about sending announcements to all schools or to any grade level or maybe some combination of classes in one click? Now you can do that in ClassTag! Just click the button 'Add New' at the top right of the school directory and your announcement will go right into home feeds for the individual classes and to parents' inboxes. More details here

Changing Your School's Address

If you need to change the address of your school please contact ClassTag at You will need to provide the school's full name and correct address.

Looking to launch ClassTag in your school? This Launch Kit has all you need for success. 


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